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Triathlon Clothing for the Every Woman and More.

Why Tri*Fe?

Tri*Fe is a nod towards "triathlon" and "female" [and if we are getting super-nerdy, the chemical symbol for the element, iron: "Fe"]. 
Whether you aspire to iron or to 5k, our Tri*Fe clothing is made in the spirit of you-- triathlon for the EVERY woman!  Tri*Fe!  
Women are all made of iron--tough as nails and ready to tackle the many facets and challenges that life throws at us.  We believe in ourselves, even when no one else believes in us. We "just keep moving forward" and work hard towards our goals. When we are knocked down, we rise up and go again. 
In the spirit of "Triathlon for the Every Woman," we are pleased to offer triathlon clothin and gear in sizes for "every" woman... from extra small to 4XL.  

Why the Starfish?

The Starfish is a symbol of growth and regeneration.  As we travel through our life and triathlon world, we must continually change and grow. When we are hurt, we must regrow. We can "lop off" limbs of thought that are poison, and grow new, inspiring ones.  We can cut off our bad ideas and habits, and in their places, grow new ones.
In the world of healing, the Starfish is the symbol of new chances, new days. If the starfish can re-grow, then so can we.  We regenerate new avenues through triathlon that leads us on this path.
The Starfish reminds us that we can grow our own path, while trusting our instincts along the way. 

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